Saturday, December 18, 2010

PowerStream and PowerStar Catalog Numbers

Do you have an old PowerStream or PowerStream Pro or PowerStar electric whole-house tankless water heater or electric point-of-use tankless water heater and need to replace it? Only have the Catalog number?

Call us at 888.726.9752 and we can translate this catalog number into the current replacement model number.

Old catalog numbers include:

Powerstar 45550301 or 45-550301
Powerstar 45551301 or 45-551301

Powerstream 45793214 or 45-793214
Powerstream 45793219 or 45-793219
Powerstream 45793217 or 45-793217
Powerstream 45793238 or 45-793238
Powerstream 45793207 or 45-793207
Powerstream 45596702 or 45-596702
Powerstream 45793228 or 45-793228

Powerstream Pro 45550302 or 45-550302
Powerstream Pro 45551702 or 45-551702
Powerstream Pro 45551302 or 45-551302
Powerstream Pro 45557702 or 45-557702
Powerstream Pro 45553701 or 45-553701
Powerstream Pro 45553702 or 45-553702
Powerstream Pro 45553703 or 45-553703
Powerstream Pro 45553704 or 45-553704
Powerstream Pro 45553705 or 45-553705
Powerstream Pro 45553710 or 45-553710

Powerstar 45550301 or 45-550301
Powerstar 45551701 or 45-551701
Powerstar 45551301 or 45-551301
Powerstar 45557701 or 45-557701
Powerstar 45552701 or 45-552701
Powerstar 45552703 or 45-552703
Powerstar 45552704 or 45-552704
Powerstar 45552710 or 45-552710

We stock all of these units.



  1. What is the replacement for the 45-551701 electric Power-Star tankless water heater? And the cost please.

  2. Debbie,

    The replacement for the 45-551701 is the PowerStar AE115.

    The PowerStar AE115 requires 2x40AMP breakers at 240V.


  3. I have a PowerStar model # 45-557701 and I need a thermal cut-out.Where can I get this part?

  4. Bill,

    Please email us at with the part number you need and we will reply back to you with pricing and availability.

    Bosch PowerStar and Powerstream electric tankless replacement parts.


  5. Could you tell me the new catalog number for the power star 45-552701 please and possibly a price?

  6. Thank you for your question.

    The 45-552701 is equivalent to a PowerStar AE9.5. We have these in stock. Pricing can be found at:

    GlobalTowne Staff

  7. We have a tankless water heater that I can't seem to locate the name of it - it does have this number though: 45-793214 - what would replace it?

  8. Natalie -- We have the Bosch 45-793214 electric point-of-use tankless water heater in stock! Call us today at 888.726.9752 to place your order.

  9. I have a Powerstar model # 45551701 and I was wondering where I can get the part that the temperature adjustment knob attaches to. I'm assuming it's the part that controls the temperature of the water. I don't need the knob I need the green part that the knob controls.

  10. Julie,

    We can get replacement parts for all of the Bosch PowerStar, PowerStream, PowerStream Pro and Tronics electric tankless water heaters.

    Please call us at 888.726.9752 and we will be glad to help you order this part.

    GlobalTowne Staff

  11. I have a powerstream pro Model # 45-557702 I think I am in need of heating elements?What unit replaces this one today? Thank you for your time. Gary

  12. Gary,

    We have the Bosch 45-557702 electric tankless water heater in stock.Call us today at 888.726.9752 to place your order.

  13. I have a Powerstar Model # 45-557701
    I think I am in need of heating elements, where may I purchase and what is part number?

  14. We at GlobalTowne sell the replacement parts for all Bosch PowerStar electric tankless water heaters. Call us at 888.726.9752 to place your order.