Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bosch Retail Water Heater Program Changes

Bosch Thermotechnology has stopped manufacturing and distributing its retail line of Gas and Propane Bosch tankless water heaters. It appears that Bosch has decided to step back from the do-it-yourself (DIY) model of selling this wonderful brand of gas and liquid propane tankless water heaters directly to homeowners.

As a Bosch Authorized Distributor, GlobalTowne still has a supply of these heaters. So, if you are a homeowner looking for a gas or propane Bosch Tankless Water Heater that you can purchase and install on your own, act quickly as these retail tankless water heaters are going fast!

Just to be clear, the Bosch retail line of PowerStar electric whole-house and point-of-use tankless water heaters and Ariston mini-tank electric water heaters are still being manufactured and distributed. In fact, Bosch is in the process of rolling out newly-improved electric water heaters!

Now for the really good news: Bosch's commitment to their wholesale line of Gas and Propane Bosch Therm tankless water heaters has never been stronger!

The entire retail lineup of Gas and Propane Bosch tankless water heaters are available on the wholesale side of the business. But, even more importantly, the Bosch Pro gas and propane wholesale lineup includes super high efficiency Condensing Tankless Water Heaters that were never available through the retail channel.

Bosch Therm lineup of Gas tankless water heaters
Global ProTankless Supply sells the entire wholesale lineup of gas and propane tankless water heaters from The products listed on this web site are available only to licensed installers, contractors, builders and other professionals.

As a part of these program changes, Bosch has retired its retail tankless water heater web site at This retired web site now points to their wholesale web site at

For more information on the Bosch wholesale lineup of gas and propane tankless water heaters for professionals, please call 866.289.4652. If you are a homeowner looking for one of these high-end professional hot water heaters, please have your contractor call.

NyOil II Synthetic Thin-film Lubricant

Globaltowne announces the availability of NyOil II Synthetic Thin-film Lubricant.

If the heat, the humidity, the cold, and the rain don't slow you down, then NyOil II is definitely your lubricant. All new, all synthetic, NyOil II delivers the best lubricating, cleaning, and polishing qualities of a highly refined mineral oil - but it doesn't stop there. Synthesized under laboratory conditions, NyOil II offers the following superior qualities:
  • Odorless - no toxic fumes are present when applying.
  • Colorless - non-staining and no unsightly messes.
  • Tougher film strength - Creates better wear prevention.
  • Less volatile - Will last longer than mineral oils.
  • Highly stable - Offers superior rust protection. In fact, in the grueling Humidity Cabinet Test, after 100 hours, polished and sandblasted metal panels lubricated with NyOil II showed absolutely no signs of rust.
Use NyOil II to capture that extra edge. NyOil II works great on fishing reels used for salt and fresh water fishing, all firearms, roller blades, fitness equipment, skateboards, home improvement projects, boats, ATV's, snow mobiles, jet skies, hiking equipment, mountain bikes, power tools, custom made knives and swords, and much more!

Whether you work or play in extreme environments, pack a bottle of NyOil II with your gear. It's the superior synthetic lubricant that keeps your tools and equipment working and playing as hard as you.

NyOil II for Pinewood Derby

If your race allows liquid lubricants then NyOil II is the ultimate lubricant!

NyOil II is a highly-refined synthetic thin-film lubricant with an ultra-low viscosity. It has a tough film strength for long lasting lubrication. When properly applied, it outperforms dry lubricants including graphite.

NyOil II can be safely used with any brand of pinewood derby wheels. It is colorless, odorless, non-hazardous, and plastic-safe. The key to using a thin-film lubricant is that "less is best". Applying too much lubricant will slow your car down. See our web site for tips on how to make your pinewood derby car the winner!

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