Monday, October 26, 2015

3" Z-Flex Stainless Steel Venting for Marey 16L ETL Tankless Water Heater

GlobalTowne carries all the 3" stainless steel Z-Flex venting needed for venting the Marey 16L ETL tankless water heater.  The Marey 16L ETL gas tankless water heater must be vented with 3" single wall stainless steel venting.  Please be sure that when installing the Marey 16L ETL that you start with the 3" Universal Adapter part number 2SVSNA03.5 on top of the heater.  The universal adapter makes for a much easier installation and is needed for attaching the 3" stainless steel venting. 

The Marey 16L ETL is a direct vent unit and must be vented to the outside.  The Marey 16L ETL cannot be common vented or vented into a chimney.  The Marey 16L ETL can be vented horizontally out the sidewall or vertical up through the roof.  If venting horizontal out the sidewall make sure to angle the venting a 1/4" per foot.  When venting vertical up through the roof you must use a Vertical Condensate Drain Tee part number 2SVEVWCF03 and a Condensate Drain Tube Kit 24" part number 2SVEDTK24.