Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Aquah JSD32-K-LP 16L LP (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

Updated 10/30/20:

GlobalTowne would like to announce that the new Aquah JSD32-K-LP 16L LP (Liquid Propane) tankless water heater is a close replacement for all the older Bosch naturally drafting units such as the Bosch 125B, 125X, 125HX, 425HN, 425PN, 520PN, 1600P, 520HN and the 1600H.  These units were all naturally drafting and required to be vented vertically up through the roof using a 5" B vent pipe such as the Aquah 16L LP unit does.  The Aquah 16L LP unit is also the replacement for the Marey GA16LPDP unit as it required the same venting, naturally drafting and has the same 1/2" water and gas connections on the bottom.


GlobalTowne is pleased to announce we are now carrying the new Aquah JSD32-K-LP 16L LP (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater.  The Aquah JSD32-K will be available in Natural Gas soon.  The Aquah JSD32-K-LP 16L Liquid Propane (LP) model requires two D cell batteries for ignition and has an optional electrical connection. Automatic Electrical Pulse Ignition with No Standing Pilot.  The JSD32-K-LP is the perfect tankless solution for smaller families and households that only use one hot water application at a time.  This unit is good for heating potable water only for domestic hot water use.  Not approved for space heating applications.

This 109,260 BTU/hr maximum input heater has enough power for running a shower. The Aquah 16L has a thermal efficiency of 85%. This unit is for homes with low water pressure and only requires a minimum of 5 psi startup pressure. The 16L will give you endless hot water and only takes a few seconds for the hot water to reach the tap. The Aquah JSD32-K will give a 45 degree temperature rise at 4.23 GPM.  Some of the safety items include: Gas leak and overheating safety control, Flame failure safety device, Incomplete combustion safety device, Anti-dry combustion safety device, Over water pressure protection device, Auto cutoff protection in case of accident. 

The Aquah JSD32-K needs to be vented vertical through the roof for a minimum of 6' using a 5" type B gas vent.  The Aquah JSD32-K "cannot" be vented horizontally out the sidewall, for this application you would need to use a powervent with a proof-draft interlock devise (consult local distributor).  The 16L also has a Summer/Winter control knob for obtaining more stable temperatures at different times during the year.

For further information or to place an order for the Aquah JSD32-K-LP 16L Liquid Propane (LP) model please call us at 888-726-9752 or visit our site at