Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flappers for AQ1 and AQ4 Power Vent Kits

Both the Bosch AQ1 and AQ4 power vent kits now come with the flappers installed from the factory. In the past the flapper came separately and the Installer had to assemble it.

If you need to differentiate between the old and new versions please use the job code on the carton label as follows:

Vent KitOld versionNew version


Monday, June 21, 2010

Danfoss Electric LX Floor Heating Mats

Danfoss LX Electric Floor Heating is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. Under floor warming is a proven technology that’s safe, reliable and energy efficient. Our electric floor heating systems were designed with the installer in mind: pre-applied heating cable, single point connection, self-adhesive backing, quick installation, genuine 10-year warranty.

Danfoss LX Electric Floor Heating Mats are safe, reliable and energy efficient. It is a unique system that can save up to 70% on installation time and enhance the comfort of your home or office.

Floor warming system suitable for tile, wood, stone, and concrete surfaces. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, living areas, and work spaces. Reduces the transmission of dust, allergens and other airborne particulate matter. Silent, efficient heating, lower in cost than that of a forced air system.

This simple fact explains why Danfoss provides a more comfortable warmth than alternative radiator systems. Danfoss floor warming distributes the heat evenly over the whole floor providing a pleasant warmth for your feet, body and head. The wholesome heat surrounding your feet slowly rises, warming your body without ever becoming oppressive.

Typically, floor heating makes it possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ยบ C without affecting the degree of comfort. This means that temperature can be reduced by around 10% - which is both an economic and an environmental advantage.

For renovation and remodeling, the ultra thin electric heat mat can be laid directly in the tile adhesive, enabling you to make a new floor on top of the old one.

Imagine being able to install a warm floor without going through the expense, clean-up, and fuss of having to break up the old floor. Imagine being able to enjoy a complete heating system which take up less than 1/8" of floor height.

The Danfoss mat also can be installed as a new floor in kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms. It it is placed directly in the tile mud on the sub floor. It is rated for “wet” indoor installations (showers). Insulation is recommended below the mats for best performance.

This is exactly what Danfoss offers you!

The Danfoss electric floor heating system is a unique Danish produced heating system, comprised of electric Danfoss heating mats controlled by Danfoss thermostats. Supplied in prefabricated kit form and available in a range of sizes. In addition, Danfoss electric floor heating is simple to install.