Tuesday, October 22, 2019

ELM Aquastar 125VP Spare Parts

GlobalTowne currently has a few spare parts in stock for the older Aquastar 125VP.  This unit was manufactured by the company ELM Le Blanc out of France and distributed by Controlled Energy Corporation (CEC) out of Vermont.  The manufacturer has stopped making these units over 15-20 years ago.  Below is a list of spare parts GlobalTowne still has in stock.  Some of the parts are also good for the ELM Aquastar 80VP. 

Spare Parts:
#34343 - Complete Brass Water Valve
#22527 - Temperature Selector knob
#20849 (40931) - Thermostat Element Sensor
#20887 - Thermocouple
#02147 - NG Gas Pilot Injector
#37918 - Water Filter Screen
#34542 - Water Valve Piston & Spring
#22041 - Water Valve Retaining Screws
#27126 - Washer
#32570 - Water Valve Rubber Diaphragm
#21107 - Water Valve Pushrod

Please call GlobalTowne at 888-726-9752 for further questions or to place an order.