Friday, December 27, 2019

Part Number Change for Bosch Water Valve 87070063440

GlobalTowne is a Bosch Authorized Distributor of all Bosch gas and electric tankless water heaters.  We also carry and sell all the Bosch replacement parts.  Bosch is always updating their heaters and parts.  Recently the Bosch water valve part number 87070063440 has been changed to 87387101190.  This water valve was designed for all the Bosch Compact Heaters.

The water valve part number 87387101190 is good for all Bosch heaters listed below:
Bosch 425PN
Bosch 520HN
Bosch 520PN
Bosch 1000P
Bosch 1600H
Bosch 1600P
Bosch 425HN compact model with serial #686 and later

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