Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday Sale on Marey Tankless Water Heaters

GlobalTowne is having a Black Friday discount sale on certain Marey gas, propane and electric tankless water heaters.

No discount coupon or special savings code is needed to take advantage of this once-per-year special sale event.

The following six Marey tankless water heaters are marked down by 15% for a limited time that starts today and runs just through this weekend:

Marey ECO210
Marey ECO 240
Marey ECO 270

Marey GA5NG

GlobalTowne Staff

Monday, November 9, 2015

Delta Breez Ceiling Exhaust Fans

GlobalTowne is now carrying the Delta Breez ceiling exhaust fans.  DeltaBreez ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR® qualified and most have been designated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015. All Delta Breez ventilation fans are HVI-certified, California Title 24 compliant, and UL-listed in both the US and Canada. Most DeltaBreez fans are ASHRAE 62.2 compliant as well.

BreezSignature ENERGY STAR qualified fans are solid, elegant ventilation solutions with motion-sensing, humidity-sensing, dual speed, or single speed options. The Signature fan energy efficiency exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements by as much as 685% and is quiet as a breeze with noise level ratings as low as .3 Sones.

BreezSlim ENERGY STAR® qualified fans offer extraordinary power and performance in a compact design. Made for wall or ceiling installation, the slim is perfect for retrofitting or new installation with space constraints. At only 1.0 Sone, the Slim is the quietest fan of its size.

The BreezSmart Series incorporates Delta’s super reliable DC brushless motor at higher CFMs with adjustable humidity, adjustable low speed, motion sensing, and a delay timer. The BreezSmart Series delivers 130 CFM and 150 CFM at incredibly low noise, .3 Sones, while consuming less than 18 Watts of power.

BreezGreenBuilder ENERGY STAR qualified fans are remarkably energy-efficient with the use of DC motors. The GreenBuilder fan exceeds the ENERGY STAR efficiency requirement by as much as 835% and has attained the lowest noise level rating available of .3 Sones.

DeltaBreez ceiling exhaust ventilation fans are available with or without lights, LED lights, humidity sensors and motion sensors.

The first three letters of the part number indicate the DeltaBreez Series (e.g., SIG indicates the BreezSignature Series); the number following the Series indicates the CFM; an 'L' if present indicates a standard light; an 'LED' if present indicates an LED light, an 'H' if present indicates a humidity sensor; and an 'M' if present indicates a motion sensor.

DeltaBreez Ceiling Exhaust Fans
Please visit the link below to view all the Delta Breez exhaust fans that we carry:

Delta Breez Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bosch AquaStar Universal Hydro Generator

The Bosch Universal Hydro Generator, part number 8707406104 (87074061040 or 8-707-406-104-0) is designed to work with all newer Bosch Therm 520HN tankless water heaters as well as all older model hydro generated units.  The universal hydro generator comes with miscellaneous water pipes, gaskets and bushings to adapt to the older units. The hydro generator works with water flow and has a small wheel that spins when the water starts to flow. The small wheel inside has a magnet on it that when spinning produces a certain amount of mili volts that is transferred through a couple wires to the ignition unit and that in turn lets the ignition unit light the pilot and then the main burner.  There is no need for any electrical power to operate the heater.
The older units that would require the universal hydro generator are the Bosch model 125HX, 425HN, 425HNO, 1600H and the Bosch WR400 series heater WR400-7K V1G23S3195.  The new universal Hydro Generator part replaces all older hydrogenerators such as 8707406043 (87074060430 or 8-707-406-043-0), 8707426026 (87074260260 or 8-707-426-026-0), 8707406059 (87074060590 or 8-707-406-059-0), 8707406069 (87074060690 or 8-707-406-069-0), 8707406095 (87074060950 or 8-707-406-095-0) and 8707406071 (87074060710 or 8-707-406-071-0).