Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gas Conversion for Bosch Retail Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Some of the Bosch Retail gas tankless water heaters can be converted from one gas type to the next, i.e. from Natural Gas (NG) - Liquid Propane (LPG) and also from LPG - NG. The Gas Conversion Kit, part #8719002176 includes a jumper for placement on the control board, a set of instructions for calibrating the gas and air mix and also some stickers to be placed on the heater stating it has been converted.

The tools required for the gas conversion are: 
  • Flat and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • #40 torx driver
  • Digital CO2 Gas Combustion Analyzer
  • This procedure must be performed by a licensed gas technician
The Bosch Retail Gas tankless water heaters that CAN be converted using the gas conversion kit are the 2700ES/2400ES/2400E/2400EO/250SX/250SXO.

The Bosch Retail Gas tankless water heaters that CANNOT be converted are the 1600H/1600P/1000P and all of the 125 series heaters as they are not designed or approved at all for gas conversion.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NEW Ariston GL2.5S & GL4S Mini Tank Heaters

Designed by the world's leading point-of-use water heater manufacturer, the New Ariston GLS series combines Italian design and state of the art features including glass-lined tanks, a 6-year warranty and highest recovery time.

Installing an Ariston electric mini-tank water heater under the sink puts hot water right where you need it - at the point of use. Lightweight and compact and also the Ariston mini tank heaters are great for those long hot water runs from your tank heater or tankless heater and will shorten the wait time for hot water.

The New Ariston GL2.5S mini-tank electric water heater stores 2.5 gallons of hot water.

The New Ariston GL4S mini-tank electric water heater stores 4 gallons of hot water.

Please note: The New Ariston GL2.5S is not the direct replacement for the Ariston GL2.5 as the Ariston Gl2.5S is 10 3/4" in depth and the older Ariston GL2.5 was 10 1/4" deep.  The new Ariston GL4S is not the direct replacement for the Ariston GL4 as the GL4S is 13 1/2" in depth and the older Gl4 was 12 1/4" deep.  The replacement parts for the new Ariston GL2.5S and the GL4S will not work for the older GL2.5 and GL4 mini tank heaters.


  • 6-year warranty on tank 
  • Glass-lined tank for longer life  
  • Mounts on wall or floor 
  • Temperature/pressure relief valve included  
  • Plugs into standard 120 volt outlet
  • Dimensions: GL2.5S-13 3/4" x 13 3/4" x 10 3/4", GL4S-13 3/4" x 13 3/4" x 13 1/2"
  • Recovery at 90 Deg F Rise: 7 GPH 
  • 12.5 AMPS and 1500W Heating Capacity 
  • Temperature Range: 65 Deg F to 145 Deg F  
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1 Standard
  • Relief Valve = Installed
The new Ariston GL2.5S & GL4S models have many new improvements since they have been upgraded.  The mini tanks have a new temperature adjustment knob on the front of the unit to raise and lower the temperature from 65 Deg F to 145 Deg F.  On the older models you would have to remove the blue oval cover to access the temperature control knob.

The Ariston GL2.5S & GL4S models have a new improved thermostat that features a new sensing probe that is attached to the thermostat and inserts into the cavity of the new element so the heater can adjust temperatures quicker and maintain a more consistent heat.

The new Ariston GL6+S can either be hard wired to an independent breaker or wired to a power cord with 3 pronged plug.  Globaltowne has a 6' power cord in stock for the GL6+S.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

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