Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 Replacing the Powerstar AE-125

GlobalTowne will now be offering the Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 to replace the Powerstar AE-125. The original Powerstar AE-125 was a retail model heater but Bosch Thermotechnology is moving away from selling retail heaters.  The new model now will be the Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27.  The Bosch WH27 has almost the same features and physical dimensions as the Powerstar AE-125.  The Bosch WH27 now comes with a digital display on the front of the unit and also has a thermostatic control knob on the front.  Below are some of the specifications of the new Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27.
Please be aware that the Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 requires the home to be equipped with at least a 200 amp service.
Bosch WH27 requires 3 - double pole 40 amp breakers
Requires 8 gauge wire
Activation flow rate of 0.8 gpm
Water pressure range is 15 - 150 psi
Thermal efficiency is 97 %
75 degree rise @ 2.4 gpm
60 degree rise @ 3 gpm
45 degree rise at 3.5 gpm