Friday, September 20, 2019

Bosch Miscellaneous Spare Parts

GlobalTowne carry's many Bosch replacement parts in stock.  Below is a list of some of the miscellaneous parts we have.  Most of the more common items such as heat exchangers, gas valves, water vales and PCB control boards are listed right on our GlobalTowne website and can be accessed by clicking this link - GlobalTowne Bosch Replacement Parts.

Bosch miscellaneous parts in stock:
8700306114 - Bosch Pushrod PWV
8700503084 - Bosch Diaphram (L)
87005070010 - Bosch Filter Inlet Cold PWV
87005070590 - Water filter
8703401165 - Bosch WV Set Screw
8707206017 - Bosch Temp Limiter/Eco
87072072960 - Control unit       
8708107013 - Bosch Electrode/Sensor/Sparking Plug 
8710103043 - Bosch Washer/Water Gasket     
8710103045 - Bosch Washer HE Piping
87032040510 - Pushrod (pack of 10)

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