Thursday, November 14, 2013

Danfoss Electric Floor Heating – LX Mats

LX Floor Heating Mats, 120V - 240V
Danfoss LX Electric Floor HeatingSystem (Self-Adhesive Mat & Thermostat) is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. It's a proven technology that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient. The unique adhesive system saves 70% on installation time!

• Pre-applied heating cable means even heat every time
• Dual-adhesive backing, no fastening required
• Single point connection
• Twin conductor cable
• Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
• Customize mat on the job site
• Minimal thickness-only adds 3/16” height to the floor
• Safety approved for wet locations (Under Showers)
• Even heat every time
• No fastening required
• Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and materials
• Do not cut the RED wire.

Danfoss Mats are easy to install.  They are best installed under tile, or other ceramic material as the heat transfer is excellent.  A layer of insulation should be installed below the mat.  A plywood sub floor can work for this as wood has poor heat transfer characteristics and will “force” the heat up to the more conductive ceramic.  Conductive heat, like electricity, will take the easiest path available whether is be up, down, or sideways.  Air, water, wood and other insulation's are poor heat conductors and thus block the movement of heat transfer. 
(Heated air rises with it's convection heat.)

Before installing the mats measure the space to be heated.  Be sure to measure the Square footage of any built-ins as well and subtract from the rooms actual square footage, no need to heat under cabinets or behind a toilet. Though you can heat under a tile shower stall.  Also, no need to measure from wall to wall as the heat will “migrate” 3-4 inches from the mat and you cannot walk or stand within 3-4 inches of a wall. Once the square footage is known, pick a mat or mats with LESS square footage than you need.  A mat that is too large will not be able to be installed as the heating wire CANNOT be cut, only the mat mesh can be cut.  If the square footage is 100, use a 90 sq. foot mat if is it 20, use the 17.5 square foot mat.

The Danfoss Warranty requires Ohm readings be listed on the warranty card. Measurements need to be done with an Ohm meter and taken before, during and after installation.  These readings insure that the wire has not been cut or nicked and will have the required resistance needed to heat the floor.  Please see the manual for the detailed instructions.

The mats come in 120 and 240 volts.  The smallest mats are 120 volts and the largest are 240 volts and there is an overlap in the middle sizes.  All the mats are 7 amps or less of current draw (amps).  Most home circuits are 15 amps, so this allows up to 2 mats per circuit.  Additional electrical circuits are required if more than two mats are needed.  The mats cannot be connected in series, this will result in very low wattage output and an unsatisfactory result for the home owner. However, it will not harm the mats.

Danfoss can provide thermostats for their mats.  The thermostats can be used with either 120 volts or 240 volts.  All the Thermostats can control 2 mats and the mats must be the same voltage.  DO NOT CONNECT A 240 VOLT AND 120 VOLT MAT TO THE SAME THERMOSTAT.

There are three Thermostats and a Power Module:
088L5130 – LX programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor – MOST POPULAR
088L5132 – LX Programmable Thermostat with Air Sensor – Use with non-ceramic floors
088L5133 – LX Non-programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor
088L5135 – Danfoss Power Module – Use with Programmable mats only

The Danfoss 088L5130 Thermostat should be used in most applications; kitchens, bathrooms entryways and sunrooms where ceramic or concrete floors are installed.  The thermostat is programmable.  It can be programmed for on/off times during the workweek and different on/off times for weekends. When setting the thermostat, it is set for the time you want the floor warm.  The Thermostat will “learn” how long it takes and turn it self on with enough time so that the floor is warm at the prescribed time. This will take a few on/off cycles to be accomplished or “learned”.  The thermostat is rated at 15 amps on either 120 volts or 240 volts.  The thermostat is also a Class A GFCI.  This protects humans and animals from a ground fault if a mat is damaged plus meets required codes for GFCI’s in bathrooms and kitchens where water faucets exist.
(A ground fault is when a damaged electrical circuit and water cross paths.  The GFCI senses the loss of current and immediately shuts off the circuit before a shock can happen.)

THE DANFOSS 088L5132 thermostat is used when an LX mat is put under a wooden floor, laminate floor or carpeted floor or when using floor heat as the main heating source in the home or apartment.  The Danfoss 088L5132 has an air sensor for primary control and a floor limiter so that the floor does not get too hot.  A wooden floor can be dried out using under floor heat.  Laminate floors and lose their adhesiveness if they get too warm. If these conditions exist the O88L5132 can be used, but the Danfoss O88L5130 should be the first choice of thermostats.

The Danfoss 088L5133 thermostat is the low end thermostat that is not programmable.  It is a manual thermostat that requires human intervention to turn on and off.  Best used in rooms that are not used on a daily basis or need heat on a daily basis.  The power module CANNOT be used with the Danfoss O88L5133 thermostat.

If more than 2 mats are needed for a specific area, the Danfoss power module can be added to the system to switch on another 1 or 2 mats.  The power module is connected to the 088L5130 or 088L5132 thermostat by two wires for the control.  The Power Module does need to have its own electrical circuit to power the mats. The power module also includes a Class A GFCI.  Up to 5 power modules can be used with a single Thermostat. Each mat provides up to 15 amps of switching capability, either 120 or 240 volts.  On a side note, the power module can switch a different voltage from the main thermostat.  For example, the thermostat can switch 120 volt mats and the power module can switch 240 volt mats.
DO NOT CONNECT a 240 volt AND 120 volt mat to the SAME POWER MODULE.

The Danfoss Little Buzzer or Continuity alarm is used during installation and will let the installer know if the electrical circuit is good.   If the heating cable is cut or damaged the Little Buzzer will sound an alarm.  Batteries ARE included with the DANFOSS “Little Buzzer”.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Z-Vent Stainless Steel Venting for Marey 5L, 10L & 16L Tankless Water Heaters

Globaltowne is a supplier of Z-Flex Stainless Steel Venting material and carries a large variety of sizes ranging from 3" - 24" single wall stainless Steel venting.  Globaltowne can also get 3" - 24" diameter double wall stainless steel venting.  Marey Gas Tankless Water Heaters come in 3 different sizes from a small 5 Liter gas tankless, a 10 Liter gas tankless and a 16 Liter gas tankless.

All venting must be done in accordance with local codes and regulations. Local building codes from city to city and state to state will vary. Some jurisdictions may allow venting material not allowed by other jurisdictions.

All jurisdictions in North America allow for Z-Vent material to be used for venting tankless hot water heaters. The condensation of a tankless water heater is slightly more acidic than that of a standard water heater. Z-Vent is double walled stainless steel vent pipe made specifically for venting tankless heaters. Z-Vent is intended for lifetime use and will never corrode or rust.

Some jurisdictions in North America allow for B-Vent to be used. B-Vent is double walled galvanized vent pipe made for standard water heaters and stove vent pipe. B-Vent is not lifetime material and will eventually corrode after extended use. Before deciding what material to use, you MUST check your local building codes to see what is allowed in your jurisdiction. If you choose to use B-Vent, you MUST check it at least monthly for corrosion and replace vent pipes immediately if corrosion is detected.

Diameter of the vent pipe is 4” for 5L, 4” for 10L, and 5” for 16L units. Use the coupler provided with your unit for installation on the 5L and 10L units. Vent pipe attaches directly to the unit in 16L models.  For the 16L tankless when using the Z-Flex stainless steel venting you may also need a 5" stainless universal adapter and then a 5" single wall to double wall stainless adapter if you are going to use 5" double wall stainless steel venting.

For more information about the venting material you may need for your Marey tankless water heater, please consult the Marey Corporation or refer to the installation manual with the heater but the most important fact is to check what your local code requires!!

To order any of the Z-Vent single wall or double wall stainless steel venting pipe, adapters etc.  please call us at our toll free number 888-726-9752.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hydronic Testing of Bosch Gas & Electric Tankless Water Heaters

All of the Bosch gas and electric tankless water heaters are tested from the factory before shipping.  The Bosch tankless water heaters are pressure tested for functionality, operation and leaks.  Bosch always ensures that the Bosch tankless water heaters are 100% reliable and operational when they leave manufacturing.

When Bosch has finished testing the gas & electric tankless heaters they will then place colored caps (red for electric tankless or yellow for the gas tankless) on the water inlet and outlet of the heater to prevent any residual water from damaging the insides of the unit and the box it is packed in.

Please see the image below that shows the caps on the bottom of a gas tankless water heater.