Monday, December 2, 2013

PCB Boards for Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 Electric Tankless

Bosch has made many upgrades and improvements to the Bosch Powerstar AE-115 and Powerstar AE-125 electric tankless water heaters.  One of the main improvements is in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that basically controls the heater.  Below is a list of the older and newer Powerstar AE115 & AE125 PCB board part numbers and the cutoff dates.

Older Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 with Copper Canisters and serial number BEFORE #59:
AE-115 PCB Board - #93-793777
AE-125 PCB Board - #93-793778

Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 with Polymer Modules and serial number 60 through 107:
AE-115 PCB Board - #93-793843
AE-125 PCB Board - #93-793844

New Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 with Polymer Modules and serial number 108 and above:
AE-115 PCB Board - #8738701732 (87387017320)
AE-125 PCB Board - #8738701738 (87387017380)

New Bosch Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 Electric Tankless

Bosch Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Ideal for replacing your electric storage tank water heater. The Bosch Powerstar AE-115AE-125 electric whole house tankless water heaters are compact and powerful and can be installed virtually anywhere inside the home. Advantages include endless hot water, reduced electricity costs and substantial space savings.

Designed to replace a 20 - 40 gallon electric tank. The Bosch Powerstar AE-115 & Bosch Powerstar AE-125 electric tankless water heaters are built to last. Each heater module is protected by an electro-mechanical thermal cut-out. If the temperature of any of the heater modules gets too high (over 195 degrees), then the cut-out will trip and cut the power to that heater module. If the cut-out trips, it must be reset while the circuit breakers are off. If you are not comfortable or qualified to perform this task, consult the original installer or a licensed electrician. This cut-out will only trip in exceptional circumstances. They have Plastic Polymer Modules and brass fittings. These small electric tankless water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere in the home and, of course, produce an endless supply of hot water.

There are many changes in the new Powerstar AE-115 and the AE-125 compared to the older models Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125.

The improvements for the New Bosch Powerstar AE-115 & AE-125 are:
  • The units overall height is shortened by 3 inches due to reconstruction and placement of the main PCB board in the bottom of the unit.  (AE115 PCB Board #8-738-701-732 (87387017320), AE125 PCB Board #8-738-701-738 (87387017380).  These PCB boards are required for all new Powerstar units with serial number beginning with 108 and higher.
  • The Heating element assembly modules inside the unit have been redesigned to change the flow of the water in the modules to a different angle so as to not allow the mineral deposits to build up on the elements.
  • There has been new single triac and dual triac PCB boards attached to the top of the heating modules as to give the heater more sensibility and maintain a more consistant heat.  (Single Triac PCB #8-738-701-733, Dual Triac PCB #8-738-701-723).
  • The Thermal Cutouts on the top of the heating modules have been redesigned to trip at a little lower temperature of 195 degrees F to keep the elements from being damaged and overheating and hurting the piping and modules.

The minimum activation rate required for the unit to activate. (Activation rates: AE-115 = 0.6 GPM, AE-125 = 0.8 GPM).

The AE115 & AE125 are designed for cold potable water only. These water heaters are not designed for preheated water or recirculation applications. Increase flow rate where ever possible if water is coming out too hot.

Verify incoming water supply is at least 30psi. For people on well systems, the recommended pressure range is 30-50psi.

Maximum flow rates for each unit are as follows. AE-115 = 2.3gpm, AE-125 = 3.5gpm.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Danfoss Electric Floor Heating – LX Mats

LX Floor Heating Mats, 120V - 240V
Danfoss LX Electric Floor HeatingSystem (Self-Adhesive Mat & Thermostat) is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. It's a proven technology that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient. The unique adhesive system saves 70% on installation time!

• Pre-applied heating cable means even heat every time
• Dual-adhesive backing, no fastening required
• Single point connection
• Twin conductor cable
• Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
• Customize mat on the job site
• Minimal thickness-only adds 3/16” height to the floor
• Safety approved for wet locations (Under Showers)
• Even heat every time
• No fastening required
• Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and materials
• Do not cut the RED wire.

Danfoss Mats are easy to install.  They are best installed under tile, or other ceramic material as the heat transfer is excellent.  A layer of insulation should be installed below the mat.  A plywood sub floor can work for this as wood has poor heat transfer characteristics and will “force” the heat up to the more conductive ceramic.  Conductive heat, like electricity, will take the easiest path available whether is be up, down, or sideways.  Air, water, wood and other insulation's are poor heat conductors and thus block the movement of heat transfer. 
(Heated air rises with it's convection heat.)

Before installing the mats measure the space to be heated.  Be sure to measure the Square footage of any built-ins as well and subtract from the rooms actual square footage, no need to heat under cabinets or behind a toilet. Though you can heat under a tile shower stall.  Also, no need to measure from wall to wall as the heat will “migrate” 3-4 inches from the mat and you cannot walk or stand within 3-4 inches of a wall. Once the square footage is known, pick a mat or mats with LESS square footage than you need.  A mat that is too large will not be able to be installed as the heating wire CANNOT be cut, only the mat mesh can be cut.  If the square footage is 100, use a 90 sq. foot mat if is it 20, use the 17.5 square foot mat.

The Danfoss Warranty requires Ohm readings be listed on the warranty card. Measurements need to be done with an Ohm meter and taken before, during and after installation.  These readings insure that the wire has not been cut or nicked and will have the required resistance needed to heat the floor.  Please see the manual for the detailed instructions.

The mats come in 120 and 240 volts.  The smallest mats are 120 volts and the largest are 240 volts and there is an overlap in the middle sizes.  All the mats are 7 amps or less of current draw (amps).  Most home circuits are 15 amps, so this allows up to 2 mats per circuit.  Additional electrical circuits are required if more than two mats are needed.  The mats cannot be connected in series, this will result in very low wattage output and an unsatisfactory result for the home owner. However, it will not harm the mats.

Danfoss can provide thermostats for their mats.  The thermostats can be used with either 120 volts or 240 volts.  All the Thermostats can control 2 mats and the mats must be the same voltage.  DO NOT CONNECT A 240 VOLT AND 120 VOLT MAT TO THE SAME THERMOSTAT.

There are three Thermostats and a Power Module:
088L5130 – LX programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor – MOST POPULAR
088L5132 – LX Programmable Thermostat with Air Sensor – Use with non-ceramic floors
088L5133 – LX Non-programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor
088L5135 – Danfoss Power Module – Use with Programmable mats only

The Danfoss 088L5130 Thermostat should be used in most applications; kitchens, bathrooms entryways and sunrooms where ceramic or concrete floors are installed.  The thermostat is programmable.  It can be programmed for on/off times during the workweek and different on/off times for weekends. When setting the thermostat, it is set for the time you want the floor warm.  The Thermostat will “learn” how long it takes and turn it self on with enough time so that the floor is warm at the prescribed time. This will take a few on/off cycles to be accomplished or “learned”.  The thermostat is rated at 15 amps on either 120 volts or 240 volts.  The thermostat is also a Class A GFCI.  This protects humans and animals from a ground fault if a mat is damaged plus meets required codes for GFCI’s in bathrooms and kitchens where water faucets exist.
(A ground fault is when a damaged electrical circuit and water cross paths.  The GFCI senses the loss of current and immediately shuts off the circuit before a shock can happen.)

THE DANFOSS 088L5132 thermostat is used when an LX mat is put under a wooden floor, laminate floor or carpeted floor or when using floor heat as the main heating source in the home or apartment.  The Danfoss 088L5132 has an air sensor for primary control and a floor limiter so that the floor does not get too hot.  A wooden floor can be dried out using under floor heat.  Laminate floors and lose their adhesiveness if they get too warm. If these conditions exist the O88L5132 can be used, but the Danfoss O88L5130 should be the first choice of thermostats.

The Danfoss 088L5133 thermostat is the low end thermostat that is not programmable.  It is a manual thermostat that requires human intervention to turn on and off.  Best used in rooms that are not used on a daily basis or need heat on a daily basis.  The power module CANNOT be used with the Danfoss O88L5133 thermostat.

If more than 2 mats are needed for a specific area, the Danfoss power module can be added to the system to switch on another 1 or 2 mats.  The power module is connected to the 088L5130 or 088L5132 thermostat by two wires for the control.  The Power Module does need to have its own electrical circuit to power the mats. The power module also includes a Class A GFCI.  Up to 5 power modules can be used with a single Thermostat. Each mat provides up to 15 amps of switching capability, either 120 or 240 volts.  On a side note, the power module can switch a different voltage from the main thermostat.  For example, the thermostat can switch 120 volt mats and the power module can switch 240 volt mats.
DO NOT CONNECT a 240 volt AND 120 volt mat to the SAME POWER MODULE.

The Danfoss Little Buzzer or Continuity alarm is used during installation and will let the installer know if the electrical circuit is good.   If the heating cable is cut or damaged the Little Buzzer will sound an alarm.  Batteries ARE included with the DANFOSS “Little Buzzer”.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Z-Vent Stainless Steel Venting for Marey 5L, 10L & 16L Tankless Water Heaters

Globaltowne is a supplier of Z-Flex Stainless Steel Venting material and carries a large variety of sizes ranging from 3" - 24" single wall stainless Steel venting.  Globaltowne can also get 3" - 24" diameter double wall stainless steel venting.  Marey Gas Tankless Water Heaters come in 3 different sizes from a small 5 Liter gas tankless, a 10 Liter gas tankless and a 16 Liter gas tankless.

All venting must be done in accordance with local codes and regulations. Local building codes from city to city and state to state will vary. Some jurisdictions may allow venting material not allowed by other jurisdictions.

All jurisdictions in North America allow for Z-Vent material to be used for venting tankless hot water heaters. The condensation of a tankless water heater is slightly more acidic than that of a standard water heater. Z-Vent is double walled stainless steel vent pipe made specifically for venting tankless heaters. Z-Vent is intended for lifetime use and will never corrode or rust.

Some jurisdictions in North America allow for B-Vent to be used. B-Vent is double walled galvanized vent pipe made for standard water heaters and stove vent pipe. B-Vent is not lifetime material and will eventually corrode after extended use. Before deciding what material to use, you MUST check your local building codes to see what is allowed in your jurisdiction. If you choose to use B-Vent, you MUST check it at least monthly for corrosion and replace vent pipes immediately if corrosion is detected.

Diameter of the vent pipe is 4” for 5L, 4” for 10L, and 5” for 16L units. Use the coupler provided with your unit for installation on the 5L and 10L units. Vent pipe attaches directly to the unit in 16L models.  For the 16L tankless when using the Z-Flex stainless steel venting you may also need a 5" stainless universal adapter and then a 5" single wall to double wall stainless adapter if you are going to use 5" double wall stainless steel venting.

For more information about the venting material you may need for your Marey tankless water heater, please consult the Marey Corporation or refer to the installation manual with the heater but the most important fact is to check what your local code requires!!

To order any of the Z-Vent single wall or double wall stainless steel venting pipe, adapters etc.  please call us at our toll free number 888-726-9752.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hydronic Testing of Bosch Gas & Electric Tankless Water Heaters

All of the Bosch gas and electric tankless water heaters are tested from the factory before shipping.  The Bosch tankless water heaters are pressure tested for functionality, operation and leaks.  Bosch always ensures that the Bosch tankless water heaters are 100% reliable and operational when they leave manufacturing.

When Bosch has finished testing the gas & electric tankless heaters they will then place colored caps (red for electric tankless or yellow for the gas tankless) on the water inlet and outlet of the heater to prevent any residual water from damaging the insides of the unit and the box it is packed in.

Please see the image below that shows the caps on the bottom of a gas tankless water heater.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Humphrey Indoor Gas Light Accessories

Globaltowne carries a full list of accessories and replacement parts for the Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights. We have large quantities of the Humphrey Indoor Gas Light Accessories, including replacement globes, preformed mantles, tie-on mantles, burner noses, nozzles and much more.  Please see below for descriptions and a link to each part.

The Humphrey Half Frosted Pyrex Replacement Globe L6-20A is intended for use with all of our Model 9 and 9T Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights. The Humphrey Half Frosted Pyrex Replacement Globes are also sold in a pack of 6 Globes L6-20A-6PK (6 Globes).

Humphrey Preformed Mantle L13-2 for Humphrey Gas Light Model 9 (1 Mantle). The Humphrey Preformed Mantle L13-2 is intended for use with all Model 9 Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights.  Use only in stationary locations such as buildings (not recommended for recreational vehicles).  The L13-2 preformed mantle is intended for use with burner nose L12-2A.  Please note that Humphrey Indoor Gas Light part numbers that begin with 9T do not use preformed mantles.  The Humphrey Preformed Mantles are also sold in packs of 6 and are L13-2-6PK (6 Mantles).

The Humphrey Tie-On Mantle L13-6 and sold as L13-6-5PK (5 Mantles) is intended for use with all of our Model 9T Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights.  The L13-6 is intended for use with burner nose L12-11A.  Please note that Humphrey Indoor Gas Light part numbers that begin with 9 (not 9T) do not use tie-on mantles.  The Humphrey Tie-On Mantle also comes in a pack of 25 and is L13-6-25PK (25 mantles).

The Humphrey Clip-On Mantle L13-8 and sold as L13-8-5PK (5 mantles) is intended for use with all of our Model 9T Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights.  The L13-8 is intended for use with burner nose L12-11A.  Please note that Humphrey Indoor Gas Light part numbers that begin with 9 do not use clip-on mantles.  The Humphrey Clip-On Mantle also comes in a pack of 25 and is L13-8-25PK (25 mantles).

The Humphrey OPK Pendant Kit is used for mounting all Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights to the ceiling.  The pendant kit contains parts to mount 1, 2, or 3 gas lights.  Please note that all gas lights are sold separately.

The Humphrey High Altitude Nozzle for Humphrey Gas Lights L9-52A is for use on all Humphrey Propane Gas Lights above 4,500 feet.

The Humphrey Replacement Burner Nose Seal L24-15-6PK (6 seals) is a gasket for use with either Burner Nose L12-2A or Burner Nose L12-11A.  Please note that the replacement seal (L24-15) must be replaced anytime the burner nose is removed after the lamp has been used.

The Humphrey Bunsen L10-71A is the part between the nozzle and the burner nose.  This part will work with both the Humphrey 9 and 9T series of Gas Lights.

Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights

Globaltowne now has all of the Humphrey Gas Lights in stock.  We have large quantities of these Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights available in a variety of colors, including Rustic Walnut, Hunter Green, Pebble Gray and Natural Almond.  We have both preformed mantle lights as well as tie-on mantle gas lights.

Below is a full list, model number and color of all the Humphrey Gas Lights:

Humphrey Gas Lights (Preformed Mantle)
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Pebble Gray (9PG) 
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Hunter Green (9GR)   
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Natural Almond (9NA)     
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Rustic Walnut (9RW)   

Humphrey Gas Lights (Tie-On Mantle)

We also carry a large supply of Humphrey Gas Light Accessories, including preformed mantles, tie-on mantles and clip on mantles.  We also carry burner noses, seals, spare globes and pendant kits.

Humphrey Gaslights are currently manufactured by Midstate Lamp, but in the past they were manufactured by Humphrey Products and by Paulin Products.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bosch Therm 330PN is the Direct Replacement for Bosch 1000P

The new Bosch Therm 330PN is the direct replacement for the retail model Bosch 1000P.  Bosch is no longer making the retail model heaters and is only selling wholesale versions.  The Bosch 330PN comes in either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP).  The only difference between the 330PN and the retail model 1000P is the color of the front cover.  The 330PN has a silver cover as the older 1000P had a white cover.  All of the other specifications are the same.

Specifications for Bosch Therm 330PN:
  • Piezo ignition system requires no electrical connection
  • 78%+ thermal efficiency
  • 75,000 BTU maximum input
  • 3.3 gallons per minute capacity at 35F degree rise
  • Endless hot water for 1 application at a time
  • Minimum activation flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Minimum of 30 psi water pressure required
  • High to low temperature control
  • Vents with 4" galvanized B vent – natural draft
  • Built for durability and serviceability with 15-year warranty and 20+ year life expectancy
  • Available in NG and LP models
The Bosch 330PN is also a good replacement heater for the older Aquastar 38B as they both are similar in BTU size and both take a 4" vent pipe.

The Bosch 330 PN could also replace the older Paloma PH6.  The 330 PN is 75K BTU and the PH6 was 43,800 BTU but both heater are good for small applications for camps and cottages.  The 330PN takes a 4" vent pipe like the PH6 did.  Please be aware that the 330PN requires a minimum of 30 psi of water pressure.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Service Bulletins for Older Bosch Aquastar Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Bosch has a series of service bulletins for the older retail model Bosch Aquastar and also the compact models such as the 1600P & 1600H.  These service bulletins can be very helpful with installation questions and when having issues with the Bosch tankless water heater.

Service bulletins can help with fixing an issue or with servicing your Bosch tankless water heater.  Please keep in mind and be safe when working on a gas appliance.  You can also contact Bosch directly or have you service agent contact Bosch technical support at 800-642-3111.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Installing Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters in Bathrooms & Bedrooms

It is very dangerous to install a Bosch gas tankless water heater or any other gas appliance in a bathroom or bedroom that draws it's combustion air from that room.  Any Bosch gas tankless water heater or gas appliance that is naturally drafting and draws it's combustion air to burn from the room it is installed would deplete the oxygen in the room and cause asphyxiation.  The only Bosch gas tankless water heaters that are approved for installation in a bathroom or bedroom would be the direct vent ones.  The direct vent units are a twin pipe system and exhaust their gas to the outside and also take their combustion (intake) air from the outside.  Any direct vent unit installed in a bedroom or bathroom MUST take the combustion air from the outside.

It is against National Fuel Gas Code (NFGC) section 10.28.1 to install a gas fired appliance in a bathroom or bedroom where the door is normally kept closed.  This refers to all gas appliances that take their combustion air directly from the room they are in.  The only time a naturally drafting gas appliance shall be installed in a bathroom or bedroom is if they are installed within a closet with a self closing weather-stripped door with no openings.  All combustion air shal be obtained from the outdoors in accordance with section 9.3.3 of the NFGC.

Please also consult your local codes and local inspector for a safe installation.  Remember it is your life!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bosch AquaStar 125X Water Valve Assembly (Conversion Kit)

The Bosch AquaStar 125X Water Valve Assembly Conversion Kit Part number 8707002810 is the 

replacement Water Valve assembly for all Bosch AquaStar 125X tankless water heaters.

This part is also is the replacement Water Valve for Bosch AquaStar 125FX tankless water heaters starting 

with a serial number of 380 or lower.

Bosch Aquastar 250SX/250SXO Water Valve with Engine

The Bosch Aquastar model 250SX/250SXO water valve with engine part number 8708505018 (old part number 8708505016) is the replacement watervalve for all Bosch Aquastar model 250SX/250SXO tankless water heaters.

This is also the replacement water valve for the Bosch Aquastar 2400E tankless water heater.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bosch AquaStar 2700ES / 2400ES Heat Exchanger

The Bosch AquaStar 2700ES / 2400ES Heat Exchanger Part 8705406422 is the replacement heat exchanger for all Bosch AquaStar 2700ES and 2400ES tankless water heaters.

This part is also the replacement Heat Exchanger for the Bosch Therm 940ES, 940ESO, 830ES and the Bosch Evolution 500.

Bosch AquaStar 2400E / 2400EO / 250SX / 250SXO Heat Exchanger

The Bosch AquaStar 2400E / 2400EO / 250SX / 250SXO Heat Exchanger Part 8705406285 is the replacement heat exchanger for all Bosch AquaStar 2400E, 2400EO, 250SX and 250SXO tankless water heaters.

This part is also the replacement Heat Exchanger for the Bosch ProTankless 635ES and 635ESO tankless water heaters.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bosch Aquastar 125BS/1600PS Heat Exchanger

The Bosch Aquastar 125BS Solar Heat Exchanger Part number 8705406189 is the replacement heat exchanger for the Bosch Aquastar 125BS tankless water heater. It is also the replacement heat exchanger for the Bosch Aquastar 1600PS tankless water heater.

The Bosch Aquastar 125BS/1600PS Heat Exchanger will NOT work for the Bosch Aquastar 125 series, 425PN, 425HN and 425HNO tankless water heaters. Please click the link for a Bosch Aquastar 125 series heat exchanger part number 8705406380.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bosch AquaStar 1600 Heat Exchanger

The Bosch Aquastar 1600 Heat Exchanger Part 8705406386 (87054063860, 8-705-406-386-0) is the replacement heat exchanger for all Bosch Aquastar 1600P and 1600H tankless water heaters. It is also the replacement heat exchanger for the Bosch Therm 520PN and 520HN tankless water heaters and for all Bosch ProTankless 425PN and for certain Bosch ProTankless 425HN (with serial numbers starting 686 and higher) tankless water heaters.

The Bosch Aquastar 1600 Heat Exchanger will NOT work for the Bosch Aquastar 125B, 125BO, 125BL, 125X, 125HX, 125FX and the following Bosch ProTankless water heaters: 425EF, 425HN (with serial numbers starting 685 and lower) and 425HNO. Please click the link for the Bosch AquaStar 125 series heat exchanger part number 8705406380 (87054063800, 8-705-406-380-0).

Please call us at 888-726-9752 with questions or to place your order.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bosch Aquastar 125 & WR400 Series Heat Exchanger

The Bosch Aquastar 125 Series Heat Exchanger Part #8705406380 (old part number 8705406235) is the replacement heat exchanger for all Bosch Aquastar 125 series and WR400 series Bosch tankless water heaters (regardless of Serial Number).  Astravan is a company in Canada that use to distribute the older Bosch WR400 series tankless water heaters.

Heat Exchanger Part #8705406380 (87054063800, 8-705-406-380-0) is the direct replacement for the following Bosch tankless water heaters:

125B, 125BO, 125BL, 125X, 125HX, 125FX and the following Bosch ProTankless water heaters: 425EF, 425HN (with serial numbers starting 685 and lower) and 425HNO, WR400-1KV1P23S3100, W400KD5  P23S3100T2, WR400-3K V1B23S3100, WR400-7K  V1G23S3195, WR430-3K  VM1E23S3190, WR430-3K  VM1E23S3195

The Bosch Heat Exchanger Part #8705406380 is NOT compatible with the following models:

125BS, 1600P, 1600H, 425PN, certain Bosch ProTankless 425HN (with serial numbers starting 686 and higher), 520PN, 520HN, WRS400K 1P23S3100T2.

Please call us at 888.726.9752 with questions or to place your order.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ariston Anode Rod and Ariston GLKIT

Spare parts are available for he Ariston electric mini-tank water heaters. These spare parts are user-replaceable.

For the Ariston Gl2.5 and the Ariston GL4 mini-tank water heaters you can replace just the sacrificial GL Anode Rod (#574305) or you can get the Ariston GLKIT for the GL2.5 and Gl4 models. This GL KIT includes the GL Anode Rod (#574305) as well as the GL heating element (#994103) and the GL gasket (#994147).

The GL Anode Rod and the GL KIT will also work for the Ariston GL2.5Ti and GL4Ti mini-tank electric water heaters as well as the now-obsolete Ariston models P10S and P15S.

Similarly, for the Ariston GL6+ mini-tank water heater you can replace just the sacrificial GL6+ Anode Rod (#570241) or you can get the Ariston GL6+KIT for the GL6+ model.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Replacing an Aquastar 125BL Low Pressure Unit with a Bosch 345ESR/450ESR

The older Bosch Aquastar model 125B LP L (Liquid Propane) or 125B NG L (Natural Gas) was 117,000 BTU and was a naturally drafting unit that was good for one major application at a time. The Aquastar 125BL unit was a low pressure unit design for non modulating applications for heating systems in conjunction with domestic hot water.  The Bosch 125BL had a standing pilot light and took it's combustion air from the room it was installed in.  The 125BL had to be vented with a 5" B-vent double wall venting going a minimum of 6' up through the roof vertical to a raincap.  The 125BL unit could have been vented out the sidewall also with the AQ1 powervent kit (now discontinued). The Bosch Aquastar 125BL unit is discontinued now and has not been made for over 8 years or so. The replacement model for the older Bosch Aquastar 125BL would be the Bosch 345ESR or 450ESR recirculating units.

Bosch 345ESR/450ESR

The gas tankless recirculating heaters, Bosch 345 ESR and the Bosch 450 ESR are temperature modulated and have electronic ignition. The ESR stands for Electronic ignition, Sealed combustion and Recirculating. These recirculating heaters are designed and approved for heating and recirculating potable water in conjunction with an indirect storage tank.  The Bosch 345ESR and the Bosch 450ESR would be able to replace the older Aquastar 125BL unit but there would have to be significant changes such as the venting is stainless steel, combustion air taken from outside using 3" PVC and that the gas line sizing would have to be appropriate.

The 345/450 ESR are not approved or designed for closed loop heating applications. The ESR units are not a tankless heater as they have no flow switch to respond to flow. Instead it’s a recirculating water heater designed for tank loading applications such as the older Aquastar 125BL units were designed for. When an AquaStat (not included) hooked up to a tank tells the ESR that water needs to be brought back up to temperature, the ESR will tell a circulator (not included) to turn on to create flow through the heater to reheat the water in the tank. Please refer to the installation and applications manual.  The basic setup for the indirect tank, aquastat, recirculation pump, check valves, etc. should be basically the same for the new ESR heaters.

The Bosch 345 ESR recirculating heater is a 95K BTU unit and can deliver 3.5 GPM at a 45 degree rise. Efficiency is 82%

The Bosch 450 ESR recirculating heater is a 120K BTU unit and can deliver 4.5 GPM at a 45 degree rise. Efficiency is 81%

The temperature control range for both heaters can be set anywhere from 115°F (45°C) - 190°F (90°C)

The 345/450 ESR comes with a standard ¾” pressure relief valve.

The 345/450 ESR has a special built-in freeze prevention cycle and is controlled by a sensor. Freeze protection is always assured by the operation of the appliance. If the primary NTC (temperature) sensor detects temperatures 9°F below the selected temperature, the appliance starts on minimum power until the sensor reads selected temperature. In the case of minimum set point temperature then it will start at 41°F. The use of non-potable additives like glycol is not approved.

The Bosch 345 ESR and the Bosch 450ESR must be installed indoors according to the provided installation manual. The 345/450 ESR is NOT approved for outdoor installations.

The Bosch 345/450 ESR recirculating heaters must be vented in accordance with the installation manual and require Category III 3” stainless steel sealed venting for the exhaust. These heaters are direct vent units and must be vented directly to the outside in accordance with the installation manual. These heaters cannot be combination vented with any other appliance. The intake should be taken from the outside and 3”PVC or other material can be used only for the intake air.

The Bosch 345/450 ESR recirculating heaters are gas specific so they cannot be converted from one gas type to another.

Friday, May 10, 2013 Launches a Brand New Web Site

Global Pro Tankless Supply is pleased to announce that on May 6, 2013 we launched a brand new web site.

This new web site is built on the Magento platform and is loaded with new and exciting features. In addition to providing our customers with a more secure online store we are now able to support PayPal and Google Checkout payment options in addition to accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

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While our look and feel has changed, our operation has not; we are still open 24/7 and ship out of our four US-based warehouses. Most importantly, our commitment to providing superior customer service remains.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Replacing an older 125FX LP with a Bosch 660EF LP

The older Bosch Aquastar model 125FX LP (Liquid Propane) was 117,000 BTU and was a direct vent unit that was good for one major application at a time.  The 125FX LP had electronic ignition and was fan assisted and took it's combustion air from the room it was installed in.  The heater had a built in fan so the heater could be vented right out the sidewall of the building.  The 125FX LP had to be vented with a 4" sealed stainless steel venting going a maximum of 15' out the sidewall of the building into the FXHood.  The FX Hood was a termination hood specifically designed for the 125FX LP and had a built in flapper to keep cold air from penetrating the vent pipe and freezing the heater.  The Bosch Aquastar 125FX LP is discontinued now and has not been made for over 8 years or so.  The replacement model for the older 125FX LP would be the Bosch 660EF LP.

Bosch 660EF LP

The Bosch 660EF LP can be used for a direct replacement for the older Bosch Aquastar 125FX LP.  The 660EF Lp is also a direct vent unit, it is 140,000 BTU and has electronic ignition and is fan assisted to vent right out the sidewall of the building.  The 660EF LP has 3/4" water and gas connections on the bottom of the heater.  The 660EF LP also takes it's combustion air from the area where it is installed.  The 660EF LP is designed for 3" stainless steel venting and has a special 660EF adapter required for the top of the unit to attach the venting to.  You would then need to use a 3" to 4" increaser so you could go to 4" stainless steel venting and can then be adapted to hook up right to the existing FXHood.

If the older Bosch Aquastar 125FX LP was originally installed with 4" galvanized venting and there was no FX hood in place then the installer could use the AQ5EF sidewall vent for the new Bosch 660EF LP.  The AQ5EF sidewall vent kit comes with the 660EF adapter, 3"x90 degree elbow, 3oz tube of high temp sealant, wall thimble, termination box, a 3"x12" piece of stainless pipe and a 3"x18" piece of stainless pipe.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Z-Flex 3" & 4" Silicon Seals for Stainless Steel Venting

Z-Flex Inc. is a major manufacturer of category 3 stainless steel venting material (AL29-4C).  All of the stainless steel venting is a sealed vent pipe.  The stainless steel vent pipe has a seal on one end inside the female end of the pipe.  The vent pipe has a built in clamp on the female end also. 

The seal on the inside of the 3" & 4" stainless venting keeps the vent pieces sealed when connecting them together.  If there is ever a need to take the venting pieces apart then the gaskets would have to be replaced as they would be damaged by the prior heat and condensation.

Globaltowne has extra 3" & 4" replacement silicon seals in stock in case the venting has to be taken apart.  These seals are required for all the stainless venting and prevent any gasses from getting out into the home.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Ariston GL6+S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heaters

The new Ariston GL6+S electric mini-tank water heaters have just arrived. This water heater is the direct replacement for the recently obsoleted Ariston GL6+ (GL6PLUS).

The main difference between the older GL6+ and the new GL6+S is that the GL6+ came with a power cord that plugged directly into a 120V wall socket while the new GL6+S does not come with a power cord. The GL6+S must be hardwired at the time of installation.

Globaltowne does carry a 6' cord for the Ariston GL6+S

Here are the features of the new GL6+S:
  • 6-year warranty on tank
  • Glass-lined tank for longer life
  • Mounts on wall or floor
  • Temperature/pressure relief valve included
  • Must be hard-wired to 120V
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 17.5" x 14 1/2"
  • Recovery at 90 Deg F Rise: 7 GPH
  • 12.5 AMPS and 1500W Heating Capacity
  • Temperature Range: 65 Deg F to 145 Deg F
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1 Standard
  • Relief Valve = Installed
  • Power cord not included
The new Ariston GL6+S model has many new improvements since it has been upgraded. The mini tank has a new temperature adjustment knob on the front of the unit to raise and lower the temperature from 65 Deg F to 145 Deg F. On the older model you would have to remove the blue oval cover to access the temperature knob.

The Ariston GL6+S model has a new improved thermostat that features a new sensing probe that is attached to the thermostat and inserts into the cavity of the new element so the heater can adjust temperatures quicker and maintain a more consistent heat.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Venting requirement for Bosch AQ4 Powervent Kit

The Bosch AQ4 Powervent Kit with built-in freeze protection is designed for the Bosch 1600H (Hydro Ignition) and 1600P (Pilot) tankless water heaters. This accessory allows the Bosch 1600H and 1600P tankless heaters to vent horizontally out the sidewall of the home. The AQ4 does require power to operate and operates on 120V and comes with a 3' cord to plug into the outlet.

The AQ4 is a power vent kit and will allow a horizontal vent run of up to 25 feet with one elbow (subtract 5 feet for every elbow). This kit includes the power vent motor. There is also a vent hood with damper that gets mounted on the outside of the home and this built in flapper prevents the cold air from coming in when the heater is not in use. Please make sure to refer to the installation manual and that the hood is properly installed so that the flapper stays closed all the way when not in use.

The AQ4 powervent kit comes with a 5" to 4" reducer. This reducer fits right on top of the heater and then you would use 4" type B, C or stainless steel AL29-4C venting (not included) to go to the powervent motor. There is a minimum of 2 feet of straight pipe required between the reducer and the blower motor. Any venting (if needed) "after" the powervent motor must be 4" sealed stainless steel AL29-4C. The Blower motor should be placed right at the opening where the termination hood with damper is to be installed on the sidewall of the home.

The AQ4 powervent kit is activated by a flow switch and gets attached to the cold water pipe on the right side of the unit just before it goes into the heat exchanger.

The blower motor for the AQ4 has a new design and includes a delay setting that goes from #1 - #5 and this lets the installer set the blower motor so that when it senses flow it can be delayed for 1 - 5 seconds before the blower comes on. This will help to ensure the pilot and burners light without getting sucked out by the blower motor.

There is also a built in safety spill switch that gets attached to the tankless water heater and this will detect high temperatures from any flue gases in the case the blower motor does not activate and will shut the unit completely down.