Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AQ1 Powervent Kit Obsolete

The Bosch AQ1 Powervent kit is now obsolete.  This powervent kit was designed and used for the older Bosch models:  125VP/170VP/125B/125HX/125X/125BS and 125BL heaters.

Bosch still has some parts in stock for the AQ1 powervent kit such as the Blower motor part #7738001022. Stock for the individual parts for the AQ1 powervent kit will only be available for a limited time as supplies last.  Please call us at 888-726-9752 for pricing and availability for individual parts.

Bosch replaced the AQ1 powervent kit with the newer AQ4 Powervent Kit and this new powervent kit will only work with the following Bosch tankless water heaters:  1600P/1600H/520PN/520HN.  The Bosch AQ4 powervent kit is different than the older AQ1 powervent kit and operates with a flow switch to activate the blower motor instead of the gas pressure switch in the older AQ1.