Thursday, February 15, 2024

5"-6" Adapter included with Marey GA16ONGDP/GA16OLPDP

Globaltowne is a Marey Authorized Distributor.  We stock most all of the Marey gas tankless water heaters.

The Marey GA16ONGDP (Natural Gas) and the Marey GA16OLPDP (Liquid Propane) units require to be vented vertically up through the roof using 5" type B-vent galvanized exhaust venting.  If the unit is to be installed in elevations over 2,000 ft then the unit should be vented with 6" type B-vent galvanized exhaust venting.

The Marey 16L units come with a 5"-6" adapter on top of the heater for higher elevations.  If the unit is to be vented below 2,000 ft elevation then the 5"-6" adapter can be removed easily and the unit would be vented using the 5" type B-vent.

Pictures below show the 5"-6" adapter that is easily removed off the top of the heater to accommodate the 5" type B-vent.  

For further information or to order a Marey gas tankless water heater please call Globaltowne at 888-726-9752.