Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ariston Thermostat for GL6+ and GL8Ti Discontinued

[UPDATED 12/14/2018]

Please note that an Ariston GL6 Plus Thermostat Retrofit Kit #7738006447 is now available for sale through GlobalTowne!

Also, see our new blog entry on the Ariston GL6+ Thermostat Retrofit Kit (#7738006447) replacement for the now-discontinued Ariston GL6 Plus Thermostat #65150322 (old part #994102).

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-------- Original Posting from 5/30/2018 --------

GlobalTowne would like to announce that the Ariston thermostat #65150322 for the Ariston GL6+ has been discontinued.  This thermostat was good for Ariston models GL6+ and GL8Ti.  GlobalTowne still has some stock of these thermostats but when they are gone there is no replacement available.  Bosch is currently putting together a retrofit kit with the manufacturer and would include the new GL6+S/ES8  thermostat #87387044420, new element, anode rod, cover and temperature control knob.  This retrofit kit is still under discussion and Bosch will announce the decision soon if they are going with the new kit.

Attached below is the list of part numbers, items, and visual of the items necessary to replace the older discontinued thermostat.

87387044400    Heating element
87387044420    Thermostat GL6+S/ES8
87387044440    Temperature Knob
87387044460    Plastic Cover
87387044480    Anode Rod

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