Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights

Globaltowne now has all of the Humphrey Gas Lights in stock.  We have large quantities of these Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights available in a variety of colors, including Rustic Walnut, Hunter Green, Pebble Gray and Natural Almond.  We have both preformed mantle lights as well as tie-on mantle gas lights.

Below is a full list, model number and color of all the Humphrey Gas Lights:

Humphrey Gas Lights (Preformed Mantle)
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Pebble Gray (9PG) 
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Hunter Green (9GR)   
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Natural Almond (9NA)     
                  Humphrey Indoor Gas Light - Rustic Walnut (9RW)   

Humphrey Gas Lights (Tie-On Mantle)

We also carry a large supply of Humphrey Gas Light Accessories, including preformed mantles, tie-on mantles and clip on mantles.  We also carry burner noses, seals, spare globes and pendant kits.

Humphrey Gaslights are currently manufactured by Midstate Lamp, but in the past they were manufactured by Humphrey Products and by Paulin Products.

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