Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bosch Therm 330PN is the Direct Replacement for Bosch 1000P

The new Bosch Therm 330PN is the direct replacement for the retail model Bosch 1000P.  Bosch is no longer making the retail model heaters and is only selling wholesale versions.  The Bosch 330PN comes in either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP).  The only difference between the 330PN and the retail model 1000P is the color of the front cover.  The 330PN has a silver cover as the older 1000P had a white cover.  All of the other specifications are the same.

Specifications for Bosch Therm 330PN:
  • Piezo ignition system requires no electrical connection
  • 78%+ thermal efficiency
  • 75,000 BTU maximum input
  • 3.3 gallons per minute capacity at 35F degree rise
  • Endless hot water for 1 application at a time
  • Minimum activation flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Minimum of 30 psi water pressure required
  • High to low temperature control
  • Vents with 4" galvanized B vent – natural draft
  • Built for durability and serviceability with 15-year warranty and 20+ year life expectancy
  • Available in NG and LP models
The Bosch 330PN is also a good replacement heater for the older Aquastar 38B as they both are similar in BTU size and both take a 4" vent pipe.

The Bosch 330 PN could also replace the older Paloma PH6.  The 330 PN is 75K BTU and the PH6 was 43,800 BTU but both heater are good for small applications for camps and cottages.  The 330PN takes a 4" vent pipe like the PH6 did.  Please be aware that the 330PN requires a minimum of 30 psi of water pressure.

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