Saturday, February 20, 2010

Selkirk 5 Inch Type B Venting Double-Walled Galvanized

GlobalTowne stocks 5" Selkirk Metalbest Type B Double-walled Galvanized vent pipe for the Bosch AquaStar 1600H and 1600P tankless water heaters.

The Selkirk Metalbestos 5" Type B vent pipe will connect up directly with the 1600H and 1600P tankless hot water heaters and will also connect up directly with the Bosch H/P VVT vertical vent kit.

The Bosch H/P VVT vertical vent kit contains all of the venting parts needed to vent the Bosch 1600H and 1600P heaters through the roof except for the straight pipe.

Our customers have found that ONLY the Selkirk Metalbest vent pipe will mate up with the H/P VVT vent kit piping, so this is the 5" Type B venting that we stock.


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