Friday, May 14, 2010

Chilipepper CP6000 PLUS Wireless Remote Control

The Chilipepper CP6000 is a small, powerful, hot water pump that mounts under your sink. At the touch of a button your hot water is pumped rapidly from your water heater to your sink or shower, without running any water down the drain!

GlobalTowne offers the Chilipepper 6000 bundled with an X10 Wireless Remote Control System!

The Wireless Remote System for the Chilipepper 6000 is a three X10 module system that allows you to turn on your Chilipepper CP6000 remotely. The three X10 modules are a Receiver, a Transceiver and a wireless remote control.

The Chilipepper is the perfect green home automation project; utilizing X-10 home automation products, it is a simple task to automate your homes hot water demand system.

The UM506 X10 Receiver provides a momentary contact (like a doorbell button push) necessary for starting the Chilipepper, and it receives its signals through the house wiring from the TM751 X10 Transceiver.

Our Wireless Remote Control sends the signal to the TM751 Transceiver. With the KR19A wireless remote control you can turn on your Chilipepper from the comfort of your bed. Your hot water will be waiting for you in the bathroom upon your arrival!

Beware: many of our competitors sell the two piece *wired* remote control. We decided to go wireless!


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