Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bosch AquaStar 125BO-LP Outdoor Tankless Heaters

The Bosch 125BO-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is hard to get and we have gone several months with none in stock.

This is a heads up that we now have a limited supply of these heaters in stock! Place your orders now for these 117 BTU outdoor single shower tankless water heaters. These Propane and Natural Gas Outdoor tankless water heaters are moving fast!

If you are looking for the Bosch Pro 425HNO-L Outdoor Tankless Water Heater you might want to consider purchasing the 125BO-LP heater as the only difference is that the 425HNO has the hydro ignition system while the 125BO has a pilot light. Otherwise, both units are the same.


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