Monday, December 12, 2011

Bosch Compress ~ Hybrid Water Heater

Globaltowne Announces the Arrival of the Bosch Compress Hybrid Water Heater

Bosch Compress Heat Pump ~ HP-200-1
ZERO Emissions – Clean electric operation and no venting requirements
SIMPLE installation
10-Year limited warranty

The 50 gallon capacity Bosch Compress Hybrid
Electric Water Heater is ultra efficient and shares
technology similar to an Energy Star® qualified
Refrigerator. Rather than taking heat from inside the
appliance and moving it outside as a refrigerator
does; Bosch hybrid technology takes heat from
outside the appliance and uses it to heat the water!
Using a specially designed heat pump system, the
heat is transferred from the surrounding air to the
water stored in a well insulated storage tank,
resulting in efficient hot water and zero direct
greenhouse gas emissions!

Why Bosch?
For 125 years, Bosch has remained committed to quality, innovation and value within a broad range of products including automotive parts, power tools, home appliances and water heaters. Bosch is highly recommended by professional contractors and is a brand that loyal customers refer to their friends and family.

Heating domestic hot water is a home’s third largest use of
energy. With the technology used in a Bosch Hybrid Water
Heater, this can be reduced significantly, saving valuable
resources and money.
Compared to a traditional tank water heater, the Bosch Hybrid
Water Heater is twice as effective with savings of $307 (59%
reduction on your water heating costs), making it the smart
choice for your water heating needs with an estimated payback
of just 3 years!

The ideal installation for a Bosch Hybrid Water Heater is in a warm
unconditioned climate such as an attic, basement or garage with at
least 7' x 10' x 10' cubic feet of air space. The efficiency of the Heat
Pump is higher in warmer climates, however you can experience
savings in all climates. This unit directly replaces a 50 gallon water
heater and the energy factor of 2.2 ensures savings.

The Bosch Hybrid Water Heater also cools and dehumidifies
unconditioned air as an extra benefit, saving money and energy on
air conditioning. Installing in unconditioned spaces with air
temperatures between 45°F - 115°F will yield the highest
efficiencies for the Bosch Hybrid Water Heater. With use of the
ducted air option, the Bosch Compress uses the energy of the
unconditioned air to supply cooler, dehumidified air into the air
duct, reducing the overall energy load of your home.

Storage Tank Capacity - 50 Gal.
First Hour Delivery - 58 Gal.
Height - 64.5"
Diameter - 22.4"
Net Weight - 209.4 lbs.
Anode Rod - Magnesium
Air Temperature Range - 45°F to 115°F
Storage Tank Material - Enameled Steel
Air Duct Connections - Exhaust Only
Heating Power - 1.8 kW
Electric Consumption - 0.7 kW
Electric Backup Heating Element - 2 x 4 kW
Voltage (Phase / V / Hz) - 1 / 240 / 60
Electric Connections - Fixed Wire
Built-In Interface - LCD
Operation Modes - Economic Mode - Electric Mode - Auto Mode - Vacation Mode
Hot Water Temp. Range - 100°F to 140°F
Max. Water Presssure - 150 PSI
Water Connections - ¾"
Energy Factor - 2.2
Certification - UL1995
Condensate Drain - ¼"
Temp. & Pressure - Valve Included
Warranty 10-Year Limited Tank & Parts

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