Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bosch 660EF Side-Wall Vent Kit in Stainless Steel

GlobalTowne.com is the exclusive distributor for the AQ5EF 660EF Horizontal Vent Kit for the Bosch 660EF tankless water heaters.

The Bosch 660EF Side-wall Vent Kit comes with the Bosch 660EF Adaptor (2SVSWB03) and enugh Category III 3" Stainless Steel Vent Pipe to meet the 3' pipe length minimum specified on page 11 of the Bosch 660EF Installation Manual.

Also included in our 660EF side wall vent kit is a 3oz tube of high temperature silicone sealant, a wall thimble, a termination box with bird screen and a surge protector to protect the electronic components of the Bosch 660EF tankless water heater.

GlobalTowne.com is the *only* source for the correct Bosch 660EF Adaptor. Other adaptors on the market are either too small or too large to provide a proper seal with the flue collar on the heater. We worked directly with Z-Flex to develop a custom adaptor that properly fits the 660EF heaters.

We also carry the AQ5EFPLUS 660EF Horizontal Vent Kit which contains all parts from the AQ5EF kit PLUS a GFCI with an 18" extension cord and a Webstone 44443PR Isolation Valve Kit.


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