Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flow & Temperature Adjustment for Bosch 1600P

The new Bosch 1600P that comes in either natural gas or liquid propane has a control knob for adjusting the flow and a slide adjustment for adjusting the heat on the front of the heater.

The Bosch AquaStar 1600P is a 117,000 BTU Gas Tankless Water Heater. The control knob on the right is the Temperature Adjustment knob and is for adjusting the flow of water through the heater which has the ability to speed the flow of water up making it cooler or slowing it down and making it hotter. The slide control in the middle is for adjusting the temperature of of the water by adjusting the height of the flame. When the slide is positioned on the small flame symbol the burners will be low and when the slide is on the high flame symbol the burners will get higher and the temperature hotter.

Below is how turning the Temperature Adjustment knob effects the heater:

Knob PositionClockwiseCounter-clockwise
Degree Rise90° F45° F
Activation Rate0.5 GPM1.1 GPM
Max Flow Rate2.0 GPM3 .7 GPM

As the temperature adjustment knob is turned counter-clockwise, the output temperature will lower and the activation rate of the heater will be raised. Turning the knob clockwise will raise the temperature and lower the activation rate.

When sliding the slide adjustment to the left small flame will give lower flame and cooler temperatures and sliding the slide to the right will give hotter tenmperatures and a higher flame.

The Bosch 1600P has a gas control slide that modulates burner input in response to flow. Its purpose is to ensure that the hot water temperature will remain steady, although the water flow demand might vary.

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