Monday, June 3, 2019

Humphrey Gas Lights, Classic Chrome & Polished Brass Discontinued

GlobalTowne is announcing that the Classic Chrome and the Polished Brass Humphrey gas lights are  being Discontinued. These lights came with either the preformed mantle or the tie on mantle and were all set for liquid propane gas (LP).  GlobalTowne is still carrying all of the other Humphrey gas lights and accessories in stock.  Below is a list of the Humphrey gas lights we offer.  We still currently have a few of the Polished Brass and Classic Chrome gas lights in stock so order them now before they are all gone.

Humphrey Gas Lights - Preformed Mantle
Polished Brass (9HPB), Pre-formed Mantle
Classic Chrome (9CC), Pre-formed Mantle
Natural Almond (9NA), Pre-formed Mantle
Pebble Gray (9PG), Pre-formed Mantle
Hunter Green (9GR), Pre-formed Mantle
Rustic Walnut (9RW), Pre-formed Mantle

Humphrey Gas Lights - Tie On Mantle
Classic Chrome (9TCC), Tie-on Mantle
Polished Brass (9THPB), Tie-on Mantle
Rustic Walnut (9TRW), Tie-on Mantle
Natural Almond (9TNA), Tie-on Mantle
Pebble Gray (9TPG), Tie-on Mantle
Hunter Green (9TGR), Tie-on Mantle

Humphrey Gas Light Accessories
Gas Light Accessories

Please call GlobalTowne at 888-726-9752 for further questions or to place an order.

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