Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Looking to Purchase New, In Box Bosch Legacy Gas Tankless Water Heaters

GlobalTowne is a Bosch Authorized Distributor of all the Bosch gas and electric tankless water heaters.  GlobalTowne is currently looking to purchase new, never installed Bosch Legacy gas tankless water heaters of the following models:

Bosch Aquastar 125B
Bosch Aquastar  125BS
Bosch Aquastar  125BL
Bosch Aquastar  125BO (Outdoor unit)
Bosch Aquastar  125HX
Bosch Aquastar  125FX
Bosch Aquastar  425EF
Bosch Aquastar  425PN
Bosch Aquastar  425HN
Bosch Aquastar  425HNO (Outdoor unit)
Bosch Aquastar  1000P
Bosch Aquastar  1600P
Bosch Aquastar  1600H
Bosch Therm 330PN
Bosch Therm 520PN
Bosch Therm 520HN

If you have one of the Bosch Aquastar heaters and are looking to sell it and the unit is in new condition and still in the box please email us at with pictures of the box and heater and subject line “Bosch Legacy Tankless Water Heater for Sale”.  Please call us at 888-726-9752 with any questions.

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