Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ariston GL6+ Used for a Shower?

A common question we get is whether or not the Ariston GL6+ mini-tank electric water heater can be used for a single shower stall.

Here is our answer:

The GL 6 is a TANK heater and holds about 6 gallons of hot water. A standard shower uses between 2 and 2.5 gpm of water. This will mean that you can get a 2-3 minute shower if the water is kept on.

Also, since it is a tank (albeit a mini-tank), as you start to use the hot water, the tank will be back-filled with ambient temperature water, thus cooling it down. The GL6+ is designed for sinks for hand and dish washing or to be used inline with a tankless water heater to give instant hot water while waiting for the hot water to arrive from the main water source.

We do not think that the Ariston Gl6+ mini-tank will work well for a single stall shower for most people.

Our PowerStar AE12 heater will work for a low flow shower with input water temps of 60 or more. This heater is a 50 amp heater and requires 220/240 volts.

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