Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gas Lights - Preformed Mantles vs. Tie On Mantles

Humphrey Tie-on mantlesPaulin / Humphrey manufactures Gas Lights for homes, cabins and cottages. The lights are usually run on LP propane gas but can be run on natural gas NG with the correct orifice. The biggest question is usually which kind of mantle should be used. There are three types, Pre-Formed, Tie on and clip on. the clip on mantles are the least used, but are simialr to the tie on for usage.

The general rule of thimb is to use the tie on mantles in applications where the lights are moved (not permanent). This would included ice fishing shacks, trailers, and campers. The reason for this is the tie on mantles are less suseptible to breakage when moved. And if they are broken or destroyed they cost less to replace. The movement or dragging of a trailer or Ice shack can cause the mantles to break. The downside is that the tie on mantles are not as bright.

Humphrey Preformed MantlesThe preformed mantles are designed for permanent locations such as cottages. They can provide about the same light as a 60 watt light bulb and can last for years. However, once lit they are very fragile. Do not touch the mantle or blow on it. If treated gently then the mantle will last for a long time. Even with a small hole or tear the mantle will burn well.

Our number 9 mantles will work on the older # 8 lamps.

Another sidelight, you can change lights to preformed or tie on by changing the burner noses. When changing a burner nose make sure to also replace the gaskets (seals) as they tend to break during a change. FYI - a tie on mantle can be used on a preformed lamp, but a preformed mantle cannot be used on a tie on lamp.

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