Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tankless Solutions for Mobile, Modular and Manufactured Homes

Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters are NOT approved for mobile homes.

We get calls all the time from customers who tell us that their mobile home is permanently on blocks or that their double-wide is HUD approved and never going to be moved.

None of this changes the fact that these are still mobile homes, and the Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters are simply NOT approved for this application.

The basic reasoning for this is that these homes are pretty well air
tight. They also may not stay in the same location over the period of
their life time so they need to be gas type convertible. A mobile home is defined in the definition section of the ANSI standard and among other things must be on a "permanent chassis."

On the other hand, the Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters ARE approved for modular homes. Although Modular Homes are built in prefabricated pieces, they are assembled on site and are considered the same as traditional stick-built homes when it comes to the approvals for tankless water heaters.

There is some question on the approval status for Bosch tankless water heaters for Manufactured Homes. Bosch recommends that you seek local code approval before you move forward with a Bosch tankless solution for Manufactured Homes.

All Bosch Electric tankless water heaters are approved for Mobile, Modular and Manufactured Homes.



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  2. OK, you have made that point pretty clear. Can you recommend installing an outdoor propane tankless heater on the exterior wall of a mobile home?

  3. If the mobile home is located in an approved non-freezing area then you can can install an outdoor tankless water heater on the outside of the mobile home.

    Please see our list of approved locations for outdoor tankless water heater installations.