Friday, January 31, 2014

Bosch Therm 330PN Replacing the Bosch Aquastar 38B

The Bosch Therm 330PN gas tankless water heater is a point-of-use water heater designed to provide instant hot water for two sinks. It can, in some locals be used to provide hot water for a single low flow shower.  

The Bosch 330PN is 75,000 BTU's and can deliver 2.6 GPM of hot water at a 45 degree F temperature rise. A regular shower head delivers about 2.0 - 2.5 GPM, so the Bosch 330PN is right on the edge for delivering water for a hot shower.

However, if you live in a warm climate, such as Texas, Southern California, Florida, Arizona, etc, then you probably do not need to raise the water temperature by 45 degrees, so the 330PN can work for a single shower.

Also, if you use a low-flow shower head that reduces your flow to say 1.5 GMP, then again you can have a hot shower with the Bosch 330PN.

We would not recommend the Bosch Therm 330PN for a regular flow shower head in New York -- it just will not be able to keep up and provide you with a hot shower due to the cold incoming water.  The Bosch Therm 330PN is not designed or approved for preheated inlet water..
The Bosch 330PN is a good replacement for the older Bosch Aquastar 38B. The 38B was 40,000 BTU's and only delivered about 1.3 GPM at the same 45 degree F temperature rise. So, the 330PN really is a much stronger water heater than the 38B ever was!

The Bosch Therm 330PN takes the same 4" venting as the 38B did and must be vented vertical up through the roof.  The 330PN CANNOT be powervented out the sidewall of the building.

The Bosch 330PN comes in both Natural Gas (NG) and Liquid Propane (LPG) models.

The Bosch 330PN is designed for heating potable water only and is not approved for space heating applications.

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