Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bosch 2400ES/2700ES Service Bulletins

Bosch has released a series of Technical Service Bulletins for the Bosch 2400ES and Bosch 2700ES tankless water heaters. These Technical Service Bulletins can be extremely helpful for installers and home owners who are installing the Bosch AquaStar 2400ES or Bosch AquaStar 2700ES gas tankless water heaters.

Many of these Bosch Service Bulletins also apply to the Bosch Pro 715ES, C800ES, C920ES, C920ESC tankless water heaters. See the Models listed in the header of each Service Bulletin to determine if the bulletin applies to your specific Bosch water heater.

Bosch 2400ES and Bosch 2700ES Technical Service Bulletins:

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