Sunday, June 7, 2009

NyOil Odorless Mineral Oil for Lubricating & Cleaning

NyOil Odorless Mineral Oil for Lubricating and CleaningNyOil is an all-purpose crystal clear, odorless highly-refined mineral oil for lubricating, polishing, cleaning and preventing rust. Nyoil stands the test of time. Formulated nearly 100 years ago, it remains the most highly refined oil ever produced and it is a "Green" product.

Nye Oil works great on hand tools and power tools, camping equipment, firearms, fishing reels, knives, hobby trains and planes, roller blades, fitness equipment, bicycles, squeeky door hinges, locks, playground toys, garden tools, appliances, cameras and much more!

For general-purpose lubrication - in the home, office, workshop, garage or out in the field - you'll find thousands of ways to use Nye Lubricating Oil, the lubricant that's proven itself for 100 years.


  • Odorless - No other product on the market can make this claim

  • Colorless - non-staining and no unsightly messes

  • Will not gum - does not form sludge like other mineral-oil products

  • Wide serviceable temperature range - excellent for lubricating machinery that must operate at both high and low temperatures.

  • Nyoil resists cold, lubricating to temperatures as low as 25 degress F below 0.

  • Nyoil withstands heat, lubricating to temperatures over 220 degress F.

  • Non-hazardous - non-toxic, additive-free and environmentally friendly lubricant

  • Includes snap-on cap to prevent dripping. 4 oz bottle

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