Friday, June 26, 2009

Replacements for Bosch Tankless Heat Exchangers

Today we sold and shipped a replacement heat exchanger for a Bosch 125VP tankless water heater.

This customer told me that he loved his Bosch water heater and has had it for -- get this -- 20 years!

He told me that he has maintained it regularly with a descaling solution and that he loves his water heater! We breifly discussed the merits of purchasing a new Bosch tankless water heater, but he told me that he is very happy with the heater he has.

Global Pro Tankless Supply can supply customers with replacement heat exchangers for many of the older model tankless water heaters. Just give us a call and we can get you a quote on any of the following legacy Bosch AquaStar heaters:

Bosch AquaStar 38B
Bosch AquaStar 125B
Bosch AquaStar 125BL
Bosch AquaStar 125BS
Bosch AquaStar 125HX
Bosch AquaStar 125X
Bosch AquaStar 250SX
Bosch AquaStar 250SXO
Bosch AquaStar 240FX
Bosch AquaStar 80VP
Bosch AquaStar 125VP
Bosch AquaStar 170VP



  1. I have an AquaStar 240FX heater and the fan is starting to fail. When it is running the heater vibrates slightly and makes a noise like a fan running rough. Please advise if you can supply the fan for this unit.

  2. Please call Bosch Technical Support at 800.642.3111 and they will give you the part number that you need to order.

    Then just call us back at 888.726.9752 with the part number and we will give you the pricing and availability.

  3. Do you have parts for the Bosch Aquastar 170 vp.?

  4. Most parts for the Bosch AquaStar 170VP are now unavailable. It is time to upgrade to a Bosch Therm 520PN.