Monday, June 1, 2009

Mini-Tank Heating ~ Ariston GL2.5, GL4, GL6+

The Ariston mini tanks, GL2.5, GL4 and GL 6 are just that, tank water heaters.

They do not heat up water as the water flow through the heater, that would be a TANKLESS or inline water heater. We do get calls asking if the mini tanks can be used for showers or inline applications, they usually cannot be.

One question is how long does it take to recharge these heaters. the formula for heating water is :
kw/h=weight x change in temperature x specific heat/3413 (btu's / kw).

To figure weight, use 8.3 pounds per gallon. Most ground water is about 55 - 60 degrees, and the desired temperature is usually about 122. Our change is temperature is about 70 degrees. The specific heat or water is 1.

So the kw required to heat 2.5 gallons to 122 degrees in one hour would be 425 watts or .425 kw.

Since the GL2.5 ( and GL4 and GL 6) utilizes a 1500 watt element, it would take about 22 minutes to heat the mini-tank to you 122 degrees F.

We can also figure out the GL4 and GL6 using the same formula.
The GL4 would take about 35 minutes to heat up to 122 degrees F.
The GL6 would take about an hour to heat up to 122 degrees F.

If the inlet water temperature is 70 degrees the times to heat up the tanks are:

Ariston GL2.5 = 15 minutes
Ariston GL4 = 20 minutes
Ariston GL6+ = 30 minutes

All figures are rounded and approximate and the heating elements can be +/- 7% in wattage in the actual tanks as well as voltage fluctuations can affect heat up times.

The ARISTON mini-tanks are best suited for sinks for hand washing and also can be used to provide "instant" hot water water to a shower while waiting for the hot water to arrive from the main hot water source like a tankless heater located in a basement.

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