Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Installing Un-Sealed Bosch Tankless Water Heaters in Enclosed Occupied Spaces

Installation of un-sealed gas utilization equipment in bedrooms, bathrooms or any occupied rooms with doors normally kept closed is prohibited by standards set forth in the National Fuel Gas Code. These standards conform to all known building codes throughout North America and are included in your product installation manual.

Oxygen deprivation and carbon monoxide poisoning are serious health risks that can result from such installations, due largely to the lack of combustion and ventilation air present in enclosed spaces. Premature appliance failure is also a consequence of lack of combustion and ventilation air. For details pertaining to combustion and ventilation air requirements for your Bosch water heater, please refer to the product installation manual or contact a qualified service agency. Failure to properly install Bosch water heaters voids all warranties, written or implied.

If your un-sealed Bosch tankless water heater is installed in a bathroom, bedroom or enclosed occupied space, you are strongly urged you to have the unit relocated and its installation inspected by a qualified gas service agency.

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